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Our founder Maheen was inspired by her South Asian heritage, but most importantly by her Nani and Dadi (grandmothers).

She fondly remembers watching her Nani and Dadi use various botanicals and oils to create the most fragrant mixtures for their skincare rituals, which helped them achieve youthful and glowing skin even till this day.

She is now on a mission to share this ancient wisdom with the rest of the world and invites you to incorporate them in your own personal skincare rituals.


We donate a percentage of profit from every purchase to Bondh E Shams; a global water charity

Bondh E Shams provides a sustainable, innovative and affordable solution to fight the
global water crisis through its OASIS Box

Access to clean water impacts health, education, climate, women and children as well
as economic empowerment


Our Rejuvenating Glow Mask is packed with the finest natural ingredients which are free from artificial colours and fragrance.

We have carefully chosen our ingredients so they can work effortlessly together to create a powerful and effective formula for your skin. 

  • Turmeric is filled with antioxidants that help reduce belmishes, pigmentation and dullness to even out skin tone, giving your skin a rejuvenated glow

  • Rose works to remove dirt and impurities without stripping away your skins moisture. It is filled with Vitamin C and E which help stimulate collagen and keeps your skin supple and hydrated

  • Saffron, like Turmeric, is filled with antioxidants that fight skin inflammation, reduce belmishes and soothe the skin. It leaves you with naturally radiating skin

  • Sandalwood is a great healer and works to reduce dryness and pigmentation. It is effective in replenishing moisture in the skin and increasing skin elasticity