I love the fact I have two homes. I was born in Lahore, Pakistan and moved to London when I was a young girl.

One ingrained memory I have from when I travelled back to Lahore, is sitting and watching my Nani and Dadi (grandmothers) get ready.

They took pride in their appearances and their inner beauty always radiated through. However, the best moments were watching their magical skincare rituals.

I watched them mix different botanicals and oils to make the most fragrant mixtures and pastes; the list of products seemed endless. What would be consistent though was their constant glow.

What is beautiful to see is the passing down of sacred rituals through generations – my grandmother’s mothers taught them these special ‘recipes’, which were passed down to my mother and eventually down to me.

I would eagerly concoct these recipes when I returned back to London and replicated the same skincare rituals they had taught me. It felt like I had a piece of home with me and allowed me to feel connected to my heritage and culture.

Having done this for years and truly seeing the magical effects these recipes have had, it sparked the idea for AMYZA SKIN – a natural skincare brand inspired by Ancient South Asian rituals.

The true inspiration for me was ultimately my Nani and Dadi and so AMYZA is an ode to their spirit – the word is a combination of the 2 Arabic names: Amarah (Eternal Beauty) and Myza (Graceful)