We donate a percentage of profit from every purchase to Bondh E Shams, a global water charity

Bondh E Shams provides a sustainable, innovative and affordable solution to fight the
global water crisis through its OASIS Box.

Access to clean water impacts health, education, climate, women and children as well
as economic empowerment

Bondh E Shams


The OASIS Box is an innovative all-in-one solar-powered water extraction and filtration system that is the only solution of its kind.

It includes the pump, filtration system and storage tank into a singular modular unit that’s cost-efficient and easy to install; perfectly suited for distant, water-scarce villages.

  • Each system can produce 10,000 liters per day or serve 5,000 people per day (at 2 liters/person).
  • The Oasis Box was developed as a long-term solution and can last for 25+ years with minimal maintenance.
  • In one area in Pakistan, a Bondh E Shams project freed up more than 3 hours for 2,500 women and children each day, allowing children to attend school.
  • Not only did Bondh E Shams bring the OASIS Box, but they also provided education and training to local youth on maintaining it, building more personal solar chargers, and running program evaluation surveys.